Wireframe and notes.

Note: This was a mock presented to the client for review. All copy and images are for placement only.

I worked on Tails Galore as a request for a new identity. I approached this project as a standard identity development project. After the initial conversation with the client we decided to show a fun, bright, and cute feeling.

The client wanted their cute little tails to definitely be showing.

A number of solutions were sketched and presented to the client. She was happy that their cute little butts were showing too. Bright color palette and fun display typography to present the happy demeanor of our pets.

Some time was spent looking at competitor's promotional material and websites. I determined that it looked like a very amateur industry and most design looked very cluttered and confusing (too many animated gifs).

The website was created as simple as possible clear navigation to important information. A clean and professional site shows a clean and professional business.

Campaign Components: logo, campaign identity and guideline, concept for website