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As a designer I develop images, type, and composition to represent the ideas you want to communicate. I convey the necessary information in combination with the appropriate mood and emotion.

I am a designer because I believe that there is a natural order to things. I believe chaos is a state of transition and it only takes a good mind to organize and express. I am an artist because I believe that every story, every message is an expression of art. It is important. It matters. Always hire an artist to create.

In other words; I really dork out on this kind of stuff. My work reflects this obsession focus in art and design.


If you were to visit my studio right now, you’ll find me moving along on something awesome--making things with pixels, paper, paint, or random objects. Making stuff is my passion. And I pour that energy and excitement into every project I undertake.

Building a Lamp

The process of my design has a center, the center is the moment of illumination. Like building a lamp to turn on the light-bulb. (I know, silly analogy. But it works.)

Turning on the light-bulb is the fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions--typically these are assumptions that we had in starting the project. Once the light in on, the goal is illuminated, and it is just execution from here on out.

I try to focus on gathering and crafting the elements to build the lamp (because crafting light out of nothing is impossible to do unless you have a wand and a lightning shaped scar.)



I would assume that it would be no surprise that a designer is an artist. Really, artist and designer are (or should be) one in the same. My artwork has a specific driving force behind it; science fiction. I am a loose and painterly scifi artist capturing an imperfect future human reality. I am driven because science is sexy and the future is exciting.


Other things I am willing to disclose the following about myself: I unabashedly drink a ton of coffee, black--Black as sin. I believe space exploration is the only solution to our species survival. I'm really allergic to cats. I ride a bicycle and run often because I refuse to let asthma beat me. I believe Art Cars are far better than expensive cars. I read all sci-fi. And will eagerly discuss anything about a utopian or dystopian future. Everyone should make art.


I create for a better world. I believe in the future, people, and the products and services that will bring us there.

I am Doug Forbes, a graphic designer and artist in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. I live at home with my wife and children. There I work on my old house, mow the lawn, shovel the snow, and dance with my wife and kids--all things blissfully domestic. I work out of a studio in my home, where I create the majority of my work. It is the typical studio with progressing projects organized in piles of priority, paintings waiting for the “ah-ha!”, and a lava lamp.

I have worked as a graphic designer for eighteen plus years, focusing predominantly in finance, medical, and start-up companies. These projects range from mutant transportation parade (art cars) to Alzheimer’s awareness campaign; ‘doing good’ work. I believe in the 'doing good' for the weight on my spirit and the future of my children.