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SYNG Technologies, Inc. is a business technologies company specializing in installation and service of all technology that a company needs to run efficiently and secure. SYNG prides themselves in offering solutions with a total embrace of the limitless possibilities of pioneering tech. They do this with a passion for fascination and play--because the future is here and that is so damn exciting.

SYNG approached HIARKI DESIGN Co. with the need to match their superior product and service to their brand. In other words, they were too busy building cool stuff for awesome people to worry about their logo. Which is common for people that love what they do, not the look and feel of their brand. This is where we (HDC) are delighted to come in and course align.

SYNG Technologies, Inc. has grown from the founder's IT side hustle to a complete business technology solutions and continued customer services. They had grown successfull by evolving with the demands of business and possibilities of tech.

"'s like this. we have outflanked our competition by just being fascinated by this stuff. I suppose we need to show this somehow, because our current customer are the only ones that know."

-- founder of SYNG Technologies, Inc.

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